The Beginning

I just grabbed this domain (didn’t want someone else to steal it and try to resell it), case and I have it for a decade! This makes me very happy.

I am working on a bunch of other projects right now, dentist so I was infinitely thankful when I found that WordPress is good. WordPress is the blogging tool I’m using. It’s a little more advanced than the custom blogging tools I wrote from scratch for ;)
It installed in literally under 5 minutes, and there are a ton of great themes out there. I chose it because it is written in PHP & mySQL which I am very fluent in. Turns out you don’t need to go into the code to change just about anything though! Mad props.

Update: I’ve now also installed Ultimate Tag Warrior and begun integrating it into my themes. It’s fairly easy to install even if you’re very new to WordPress. You have to manually add it to your themes however, and that kinda-sorta-almost requires understanding basic php or html.

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