Pittsburgh G20 Pictures

I’ll put up more pics and captioned versions in a bit, dermatologist but to give you a preview… here are some of my pictures of the G20.

Update: Here are the captioned pictures of the G20 in Pittsburgh. This set has considerably more pictures. There were 61 shots in the first set and 314 shots in this set. The whole thing was a very long and exciting (and in the end, pretty safe) day. As far as I know, nobody got hurt (yay!) but a few local businesses got their windows broken.

Teaser/Spoiler: Mountain Dew makes an appearance (and it’s not even mine)!

If you have any thoughts / feedback / questions / corrections / insults about the photos or captions, please leave them as comments on this post. Thanks!

One thought on “Pittsburgh G20 Pictures

  1. This is unbelievable in Pittsburgh, PA! Even more so that it was completely unreported in our daily newspaper…wonder why not?
    It has scary overtones of Kent State and Nixon Coming…
    Great photos! Thanks for letting the rest of the world know…can’t wait to discuss live!

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