Lance Rocks Again.

Lance Armstrong just won his 7th Tour De France. Rock on Lance.

During the broadcast, ophthalmologist many people might have noticed the Nike Commercial that show’s his 1996 Press-Conference when he announced his diagnosis of Cancer to the world.

I did some looking around online to try to find a copy of the video, tablets and after a while I found a version embedded in a larger flash page. I couldn’t extract just the video (if you can hack your way through the flash to find the right .swf or if you found another version of the TV Spot somewhere else, hair let me know).
The URL is: (which is where you get redirected if you just go to If you click “skip intro”, then there should be a link at the bottom of the flash file to show the TV-Spot.

And for the curious… the 10//2 that you see him wearing a lot comes from the fact that he was diagnosed with cancer on 10/2/96 (he mentions the date in the video).

To help people out who might be searching for the same video, I’m going to put a little transcript of the commercial here:
Lance: “On Wednesday, October 2nd, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer”
Screen: “Press Conference. October 8, 1996.”
Lance: “The CAT-Scan revealed that my condition has spread into my abdomen.”
Screen: “and his lungs and brain.”
Lance: “For now I must focus on my treatment, however, I want all of you to know that I intend to beat this disease.”
Screen: “Just do it.”
Lance: “And further, I intend to ride again as a professional cyclist.”
Screen: “[Swoosh]”

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