I have an interview on Monday with Microsoft. If you don’t know me personally, cure you probably don’t care, but I’m excited so I’m writing anyway!

I know they probably give hundreds of interviews for each person they hire, but I think I may be able to make an impression (my resume must have made some impression already because I got invited to the interview because of a resume I gave them at a Career Fair at my school more than a year ago).

Since I have several of my own projects and run my own company, I’m not out actively searching for jobs/co-ops, but I think this would still be a great opportunity.

Main reasons I would LOVE to have this work out:
1. It would be really exciting to work at a place as important as Microsoft which has so many interesting and challenging projects (and in case you haven’t noticed, I’m at least a little obsessed with coding ;)).
2. Things between Google and Microsoft are heating up, and that’s a battlefield I would love to be fighting on. Maybe I’m just hungry for competition, but I think it’s a lot like Achilles in the Trojan war. He didn’t fight because he cared where Helen ended up, he fought because it would be the greatest war ever… and war is what he did. I have to say that I think Microsoft and Google are probably both great companies to code for, and users are probably going to benefit greatly once these companies start lobbing amazing projects into market to compete with each other. I have a couple of years before I am out on my own (assuming that works out), and before that I would really like to get on one side of the battle or the other and just destroy the competition.

Deadlines are good, ambitious deadlines are better, but impossible deadlines are best! Getting on a team of amazing coders and just embarassing the enemy camp would be really fulfilling.

I gotta go get ready (and code too of course)!

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  1. Yeh, I didn’t get a job on this interview… maybe I’ll try back later, but for now I definitely have enough of my own software to keep myself busy with.


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