New site – !

For everyone who loved but wanted something a little more tame, bronchitis I made!

For a while, my little brother Connor had been wanting to have free reign to explore doItLater after I showed him the Tokyo Opera singing eyeball cartoon. But he’s way too young to be poking around that site, so I told him that eventually I would make a kid-appropriate version. A couple of weeks later, I surprised him on Christmas with :)

The content is geared to be acceptable to anyone that is his age or less, and as he gets older, the content automatically upgrades itself. He’s currently 8 by the way. You’d be surprised how much is still interesting that is okay for an 8 year old to see!

If you’re not a kid, this site has the obvious benefit of being the same interesting content but work-safe so you don’t have to worry about misclicking when doing on-the-job-procrastination!

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