Quick Tip: Notepad++ – Modify / Delete Macros

I use Notepad++ (v3.3 currently) for a lot of my development work, this web and I noticed that I couldn’t find any sites that mention how to delete or edit a macro once you create it.

Here is the rather simple method (simple once you find it anyway… it’s not in the “Macro” menu):

  1. From the top menu, prostate select “Settings” => “Shortcut Mapper…”
  2. Scroll down near the very bottom (my macros started at item 60)
  3. Right-click and select either Modify or Delete (double click will act the same as selecting Modify)

Hope that helps someone!

66 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Notepad++ – Modify / Delete Macros

  1. Yes…as stated thank you for that bit. There really ought to be a way to edit macros on the macro menu.

  2. Thanks… Now the only thing missing is a way to edit macros and possibly nest them so you can include macros in new ones.

  3. Thanks a lot. Still the same in 4.5. The modify is just changing the shortcut. I am wondering if we can edit the macro by changing the code associated with the macro, as many programs do.

  4. What I really expected to see is how I can edit the code of the macro. Anyway this is also useful


  5. Thanks a lot!

    I accidently assigned the same shortcut to two macros and had no idea how to undo this. This site, the first hit in Google, saved me from a) recording the macro again and b) a lot of searching on other sites.

  6. wow, thanks for posting this. i looked on the sourceforge site and could only find where others asked and NOBODY answered!

  7. in order to go an modify an existing macro (in case you’ve made a mistake)

    go to “C:\Documents and Settings\francesco\Application Data\Notepad++\shortcuts.xml”


  8. Thanks a lot! I wanted to delete Notepad++ because I could not delete one macro. Now I’ll continue to use this editor! :)

  9. Thank you sir. I was looking for this for a long time. I reinstalled npp once because the shortcut became really annoying.

  10. Francesco Bongiovanni

    Thankyou – switched ‘puters and wanted to migrate my macros. This have saved me a lot of time!


  11. I must still be missing something. Is there a way to edit the macro? Not its properties or shortcut, but the steps? I thought there was. This is why I chose Notepad++ over TextPad.

  12. @Joe as far as I know, there is no way to do that. I think you just have to record another macro. If anyone knows differently, please leave a comment!

  13. I am quoting Francesco, follow the path below and find that xml file, inside you will find all your macros and you can edit them as you wish. Make sure you can see hidden folders and windows hidden folders before attempting to browse for the file. I hope this helps.

    “in order to go an modify an existing macro (in case you’ve made a mistake)

    go to “C:\Documents and Settings\francesco\Application Data\Notepad++\shortcuts.xml””


  14. Curmudgeon, you do realise this thread was started in 2007, right? How sure are you the help file has all these back in 2007?

  15. Very usefull hint. Works very fine for me.

    Maybe that should be mentioned somewhere at a proper (official) place.

    Thank you!

  16. Thanks for the tip, Sean.

    @d and Francesco:

    Actually, user-created macros are *not* being saved in shortcuts.xml as that StackOverflow post (and many other websites) state. At least not in my version (5.4.2). Haven’t been able to find where they’re stored yet.

    Quite frustrating to be working so hard to figure out how to edit a macro in a tool geared towards programmers. Even M$ World let you edit macros!

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