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Permanent hosting! and have been live and dead repeatedly over the last several years since they were always running off of my desktop computer. Every time I relocated, buy they would go down for a while. In fact, dermatologist they have been down for a couple weeks, visit and last summer they were down the whole time.

Justification (skip this paragraph if you’re bored already)
They’re pretty decent sites (in my humble opinion), and Codeaholics even gets some sweet page-rank when it stays up for a while, so I decided to make them a little more permanent. Since one is about my code (which relates to Motive Force projects) and one is about my life (which is about 90% related to Motive Force), I moved the sites over to my Motive Force web-hosting account. There are no additional fees to host additional domains (because DreamHost is sweet like that), so I think hosting these sites just for the promotion they give is a legitimate use of the company web-space.

Anyway, with those sites back up, I’ve decided I’m going to try to start blogging on a regular schedule. I have a lot of cool things to tell the world (don’t worry, they generally won’t be about my life, they will be legitimate articles!) and I wrote them down in my Projectory so I could come back to them later. When people read a blog, it can be frustrating to have a bunch of topics coming through their feed, so I’m going to be writing a tool that lets me post to certain blogs and not to others. Here is the breakdown:

  • – the aggregate of all posts. This is my life as a whole, so it will have every article, and will have little icons indicating which blogs the article was posted to.
  • Motive Blog – productivity and the glory of man! Basically this blog will exhalt all the things that Motive Force LLC stands for, and pretty much ignore the rest.
  • – programming / hacking / general caffeination.
  • – general griping about numerous, poorly implemented web-languages/standards and tips on how to survive them. Since it’s made partially as an emotional outlet for the frustrations of coders who have been portability-hacking their code for hours, the tone is fairly informal.

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