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I have several blogs, all with different topics. One of the reasons I haven’t been updating them enough to meet my satisfaction is that there is some overlap in the subject-matter, and I am often confused on where to post to.

I decided recently that I should start burning through my list of articles to write, and to help this along, I wrote a cross-blog posting system. It’s pretty nifty because it posts to a WordPress v1.5, WordPress v2.0.3, and my own custom blogging system that I wrote for Codeaholics.

My personal site will generally serve as the aggregator and (probably) get every article, along with links out to each of the blogs where the article was posted.

Here is a breakdown of the different blogs and what they cover:

  • – the aggregate of all posts. This is my life as a whole, so it will have every article, and will have little icons indicating which blogs the article was posted to.
  • Motive Blog – productivity and the glory of man! Basically this blog will exhalt all the things that Motive Force LLC stands for, and pretty much ignore the rest.
  • – general griping about numerous, poorly implemented web-languages/standards and tips on how to survive them. Since it’s made partially as an emotional outlet for the frustrations of coders who have been portability-hacking their code for hours, the tone is fairly informal.
  • Codeaholics Code blog– programming / hacking / general caffeination.
  • Codeaholics News – where the code-blog is less-pinnacle code-related stuff, the News blog is just for announcements (eg: when coding projects get started/released, etc.).

One thought on “New Blogging System!

  1. Congratulations!

    I just checked out projectories. Looks excellent. Looks like we both had fun integrating blogs recently. Your implementation was just much … better than mine.

    Rock rock on,

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