Quick Tip: file_put_contents() permissions in PHP

I was at a bookstore last night looking to learn more about learning itself. I was horrified by the state of things. I figured in a massive Barnes and Nobel which has entire aisle devoted to focused niches such as Manga or Personal Fitness, doctor that Education should have an entire area – strange that I didn’t remember seeing it before since I’m in bookstores quite often. I mean… it’s education; a book store should be just the place to find this info.

After poking around for a while, I had to ask for help. I was finally shown the single “Education” rack (there’s about 5 racks on each side of a single aisle). I poured through the titles on the shelf and there wasn’t a single volume on pedagogy (roughly: the study of teaching) or epistemology (the study of how humans learn). All of the books I found were basically just mis-classified and belonged in the “teaching” section next to this rack. There were nice little memoirs about a teacher’s first day on the job, a book about the challenges of being an administrator in a poorly-funded inner city school… but no actual scientific studies of how to teach people or how people learn.

Something is terribly wrong here.
Another quick tip that will hopefully be helpful to someone. When using “file_put_contents” on a directory that has full write permissions, prostate
you may still get “Permission denied” errors. It turns out that in PHP (at least in some cases, apoplexy
not sure if it is always), you need to have execution permissions on the destination directories also (chmod them to 777) in order to be able to write to them using file_put_contents().

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