Quick 3-question SiloSync Survey

SiloSync is a sizable undertaking and there are a number of different potential places to start from. I want to make sure I have a decent idea of where the demand is, online so I’ve put together a quick 3-question survey. Please take a minute to fill it out for me! (you can be anonymous if you’d like)

To answer, please just leave a comment. I’ll leave my own answers in a comment as an example.

Question 1: What would you be most anxious to use SiloSync for?
A. Syncing up data & friendships between profiles on different sites so that they are all up-to-date.
B. Backup up data (photos, etc.) & friendship connections so that they never get lost and are all in one place.
C. Changing services if one of them does something unacceptable (along the lines of the Facebook Beacon debacle).
D. Quickly joining new services w/o the trouble of re-finding everyone and re-typing everything.

For this, please just type all of the letters you are interested in from highest-to-lowest

Question 2: What services would you most like to be able to pull data into SiloSync from?
(examples: do you want to pull your data from Facebook, Flickr, LiveJournal, WordPress, Twitter, MySpace?)
Again, please type the most-desired first.

Question 3: What services are most important to export data to?
(examples: do you want to send-data-to/sync-data-with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or a bunch of new and exciting social networks we don’t know about yet?)

Hopefully that was quick! Thanks for taking some time to help me out :)

7 thoughts on “Quick 3-question SiloSync Survey

  1. 1. B, A
    2. Facebook, WordPress, LiveJournal, my voicemails (for backup)
    3. Twitter, LinkedIn, new social networks

  2. 1. C,B
    2. Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger, Livejournal
    3. SiloXML, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger, Livejournal, (anything else), Facebook

    Let me explain my number 3. Ideally what would be awesome is if you could create an overbearing XML DTD which could encompass the data… something that any site could easily pick up and use. Then make it available via an API.

    It’s true that no site wants users freeing their data, but every site wants to be able to use other network’s data. While it wouldn’t help the every day user, it at least might allow other sites to adopt SiloSync imports for you.

    That and I’d love to have a nice format to use to play with my data. :)

  3. 1. B (I have OCD, so consolidation is helpful!)
    2. Facebook, WordPress (if I kept up with it)
    3. I suppose Facebook, mainly because I really don’t use too many other things. But I still think this idea is pretty awesome.

  4. 1. C, D
    2. Facebook
    3. Facebook…but I don’t use a lot of these sites other than facebook

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