Beta Test CID on 7/21/05!

The project that I’m working on all summer has started to crescendo again. Things have started moving again, information pills features are getting finished off, check and bugs are going away instead of piling up. I’ve had a fairly strict schedule (that had to be revised once due to social obligations) and it appears that it actually might get finished by the date I’ve planned… therefore: I’m setting a date for a Beta Test.

Right now the way the schedule stands, drug I should be done coding on July 20th (slightly under a week), but the days span into the nights, so that’s technically the night of the 20th… so maybe sometime around 8 or 9am on the 21st the site will be done. To allow some time to set up the Beta (ways to report bugs, etc) the scheduled release of the Beta will be the afternoon/night of July 21st.

So, 7/21/05, be there! More information on who will be able to do tests (the system has implicit restrictions) will be available at the time of the Beta. If you are interested in testing, please let me know! The more, the merrier! :)

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