Crunch Time!

W00t! So I set a really ambitious date for the beta-test of CID. And the way that my sleep schedule works currently, diagnosis my day starts at like 3pm and goes till about 8 or 9am. This means that the last time I’ll be able to code before the beta is the night of the 20th. So I have four workdays left! Hardcore. There is a TON left to do because the premise of this site is so much more ambitious than its predecessor (that I wrote), so even the legacy code takes days and days to convert! Right now I have about 1.5 of the 3 subsystems completed. I hope to have the second sub-system mostly done tonight and then do the last (most GUI-intensive) half over two days of that. The other day will be spread thinly between either of those forcasts… because they are both asking me to be a bit too super-human.

Despite the massive quantities of work, I’ve realized it’s now crunch-time and I’m getting TOTALLY PUMPED! My roomate left for the weekend (his “week” is about as normal as my “day”) so I’ll have three days without actually talking to any… people. Hua! You know that feeling right before you try to benchpress a whole bunch, when you get all adrenal, and your feet start bouncing on the floor? That’s now!

“Do not forget how menacing we are, we are lions!”

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