Google Moon

To commemorate the anniversary of the lunar landing on July 20th, 1969, information pills Google has released Google Moon. It is very similar to Google Earth, except of course, that it’s on the moon.

At the same time they have announced their job openings at the Google Copernicus Center. It is located on the moon, and will begin operations in spring of 2007. Conveniently, this is the exact time that I graduate from RIT. Therefore, I quickly applied, and beat the rush (the benefits of being up at absurd hours of the morning). I was given an entry-level position for when I graduate, and therefore will be relocating to the moon where I will work at the Googlunaplex for several years until I am relocated to their planned expansion on The Dark Side of the Moon.

Upon further examination of the Moon’s surface, I have determined that although there is no “eagle’s nest” due to either erosion or martian thieves, the moon is in fact made of cheese. This is great news for me as I will be strapped for cash, being fresh out of college and all. By adopting an all-cheese diet, I will be able to significantly lower my cost of living.

(Update: a friend has informed me that he applied too late, and recieved the information that there are no longer any additional positions available. This must mean that the other 34 positions, in addition to mine, filled up rather quickly.)

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