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Motive Blog has just completed their beta and released the full version of their site. Included on the playlist pages is now a link to visit for the lyrics if that song is already on our site. The way they determine if the song exists or not is by using the API that was created at their urging, and expanded into a full webservice (still under construction) at the urging of a plugin-developer who is working on a media-player (WMP, iTunes, WinAmp, etc.) using this SOAP webservice. It’s exciting that the API is already being used, and it’s not even technically out yet.

On another exciting note, I’ll be at Wikimania 2006 this weekend to promote LyricWiki and to learn more about the community. If you’re going to the conference, look for me… I’ll be wearing this shirt.

Lastly, we’ve been contacted by a ticket-sales website that wants to offer tickets through links similar to the amazon links currently on the site. This is a welcome change, because the site is draining money fast, and I’d much prefere to put targeted links on individual pages where they are relevant than to slap some Google AdWords on the pages (which may end up happening eventually). As an example, you wouldn’t be bothered by links everywhere, but if you happened to be on the Tool page and Tool was on tour, you’d have a link to find those tickets you couldn’t seem to get your hands on. More on this to come!

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