– New site! – movies, tuberculosis pictures, there flash movies, order and games is the newest site from Motive Force LLC! is an amazing domain name, I have no idea how it wasn’t taken!
The site is really simple: just a place to check out cool, interesting, funny distractions when you need a mental break.

doItLater is something I put together because I realized that my friends were always going to movie and picture sites when they wanted to procrastinate, and I had one of the hardest parts of the code already written for a client whose website I wrote.

The whole idea was founded with a more group-based feel than any of my other projects. I’m opening it up to all of my friends to submit their fun content, and add to the site in whatever way they want to (for example a friend in Graphic Design is going to make a logo that he can brag about in his portfolio). Hopefully even users will begin submitting their content eventually. This group/party feel really makes it so this project is very fun for me!

My main focus will still be, but this code is easy and clean and fun so I will use it as a sort of recreational outlet. Since this is a side project for me, I’ve taken on a partner – Myles – to co-run it with me. He’s the most motivated and “hungry” guy you could ever want working with you, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what we can do together with this site.

Check it out:!


Quick updae: RIT has accepted CollegeInfoDesk (and the newly formed 5 man CID team… one of which is myself) into the High Tech Incubator which will give us with free office space for the next quarter. There are other benefits too including guest speakers and mentoring from professors & business people. This is going to be a great opportunity, glands we’re gonna rock this thing!

In a somewhat related event, pills a serial-entrepreneur (and very nice guy), surgery Bob Fabbio, President & CEO of Cesura Solutions came and spoke at RIT today. He is one of our most successful alums, and has started seven (and a half) businesses, most of which became multi-billion dollar companies. Some of the more famous companies he started were Tivoli and DAZEL.

Anyway, before he gave his presentation in the Gollisano College of Computing and Information Sciences, he was in the College of Business, and we were asked along with some other student entrepreneurs to show up and give him and idea of what our businesses were about. Being a college, they were probably hoping he would be impressed and invest in the school.. but in the end, I feel the group definitely got more from him than we were giving to the school by showing up. He is very intelligent and it was awesome to be in a room with only about 10 people and get advice from one of the leading entrepreneurs in the world.

I don’t want to give away the content of the meeting or the presentation afterwards (because it is lucrative to write books, and I don’t want to dilute the value of his Intellectual Property), but I have to say I found it informative and inspiring. Many of the things he said echo advice that my dad (equally qualified) has given me about business before. It is going to take me some time to apply everything that I keep hearing from the tons of helpful sources around me, but I’m really getting inspired by seeing successful people everywhere. It proves that if you put your undivided effort and skill towards a goal, it really can be achieved, and it’s not some pipe-dream to expect success.

The team that will be working with me this winter is very ambitious and they are all really good at what they do. We are getting course-credit for this (because of my Entrepreneurship minor this is being set up as my field-experience course), which should give us the time needed to make sure we can focus on the site.

I’m really excited to be able to attack this market all next quarter, we’re going to make it happen!