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My next startup: BlueLine Game Studios!

I have two big changes to announce! The first is that I’ve recently founded my next company: BlueLine Game Studios. It’s been a long time coming and I was really looking forward to the chance to work with Geoff Brown … Continue reading

API Explorer for MediaWiki

Api Explorer: As part of my work trying to make the Wikia API more accessible to developers, I’ve created a basic version of an API Explorer. Yo dawg: the entire API Explorer is actually written in javascript using the MediaWiki … Continue reading

LyricWiki mobile app – Android and iPhone

I’m pleased to announce that the LyricWiki iPhone app has finally hit the App Store! If you have an Android device, you can grab the LyricWiki Android app which made it out first. Now that the iOS version is complete, … Continue reading

What do you want to see?

Note: If you’re seeing this on facebook, it is just pulled in from my blog at http://seancolombo.com I’m in the mood to do some blogging in the next couple of days but have more ideas than time. What would YOU … Continue reading

2010 Goals

I’ve always resisted making New Years Resolutions partly because they don’t seem to work for people, but primarily because I think that I should be constantly evaluating myself and my life – and if there is something I need to … Continue reading

Happy 4th Birthday, Motive Force!

Today marks 4 years since Motive Force LLC was officially founded. I’m proud of my baby growing up! There are various stats about survival-rates for nascent companies, but in general they say that about 50% die off in the first … Continue reading

“What gets measured gets managed”

That quote is a relatively common business adage which is attributed to a ton of different people – so many that I’ll just consider it public domain. The reason for this post is just that I’d like to draw attention … Continue reading