After releasing the Beta I planned to go into a deep sleep because I’ve been neglecting sleep for a while in order to finish up for the Beta test. At 4:00pm I finally go to sleep (from the night before), rubella and I was only asleep for about 45 minutes before I woke up gasping for air. I had just died in my dreams… again! Continue reading


Welp, erectile I released the beta today (technically “yesterday”). It’s going to be a closed beta though because there are several things that I want to finish up before releasing it publicly (hopefully I can get those done today). One of my beta-testers managed to find like 4 bugs in the first 15 minutes! Continue reading

Beta Test CID on 7/21/05!

The project that I’m working on all summer has started to crescendo again. Things have started moving again, information pills features are getting finished off, check and bugs are going away instead of piling up. I’ve had a fairly strict schedule (that had to be revised once due to social obligations) and it appears that it actually might get finished by the date I’ve planned… therefore: I’m setting a date for a Beta Test.
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Just added another plugin (for those who are interested in installing/updating wordpress). It’s called BAStats and keeps track of the traffic on your WordPress blog. It had a bunch of problems originally, clinic but most of them seem to be fixed. The only bug that I found just required me to go to the options tab of the WP-admin page and “Update Options” (oddly, I have to check at least one of the “Track traffic to …” boxes).

You can find it here:

Tags working better now

I noticed that the links for the tags (to view all posts with the same tag) weren’t working. So after a while of messing around trying to install/activate mod_rewrite on my Apache server, physician I gave up (because I think you must need to have it active when you install WP originally?). Anywho… I just hacked up Ultimate Tag Warrior to work without the mod_rewrite (just uses the URI like every other page now). Then I customized it a little more to my current theme, psychiatrist and I noticed that the Popular tags on the right side of the screen were not counting above 1. This is just an error in Ultimate Tag Warrior.

If you have a similar problem, go to the file “wp-content/plugins/ultimate-tag-warrior.php” and look at the function that starts:
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