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Quick Tip: Generate Random Numbers in a MySQL Query

Noticed a dearth of Google articles about this so I figured I’d post my solution… If you need to generate a random number inside of a MySQL query (which is useful for making fake test-data), you can do it as … Continue reading

“What gets measured gets managed”

That quote is a relatively common business adage which is attributed to a ton of different people – so many that I’ll just consider it public domain. The reason for this post is just that I’d like to draw attention … Continue reading

Lost the categories for now.

Today I upgraded the blog to the newest version of WordPress because it was so old it couldn’t even run Akismet (the anti-spam plugin). In the process, it deleted the names of all of my categories. If you see numbers … Continue reading

DevHouse Pittsburgh 4 is today

For the fourth DevHouse Pittsburgh event we’re doing a BBQ from 2pm to 8pm today. See the site for more details:! …also, if you haven’t yet: please take a second to fill out the 3-question SiloSync survey. Thank you!

Quick Tip: Don’t associate .lnk files with Internet Explorer in Windows Vista

There is a trick circulating around the internet which tries to get Windows Vista users to associate .lnk files with IE. Don’t do it… but if you did, here’s how to fix it. Continue reading

iHateCSS: “That’s it guys, I’m out.” – Token

entry posted to: Last night during a long coding-session, I stumbled upon an old site of mine. It was beautiful. Everything looked exactly how it should to be the most usable, useful, beautiful application possible. This was before I got … Continue reading

WetPaint – a wiki system bound for greatness

entry posted to: ==Intro== There is a new wiki-system called WetPaint that I recently had a chance to preview before its official launch (it then launched on June 19th, 2006). Before I get into this further, I want to point … Continue reading