Quick Tip: Notepad++ – Modify / Delete Macros

I use Notepad++ (v3.3 currently) for a lot of my development work, this web and I noticed that I couldn’t find any sites that mention how to delete or edit a macro once you create it.

Here is the rather simple method (simple once you find it anyway… it’s not in the “Macro” menu):

  1. From the top menu, prostate select “Settings” => “Shortcut Mapper…”
  2. Scroll down near the very bottom (my macros started at item 60)
  3. Right-click and select either Modify or Delete (double click will act the same as selecting Modify)

Hope that helps someone!

New site – ChuckNorrisIsGod.com

Another site… I’m on a roll lately!

ChuckNorrisIsGod.com was started as a joke when a friend threw a dinner party over the weekend with the theme “Chuck Norris is a Classy Guy”. I bought the domain name sunday, cystitis wrote the site through monday into tuesday morning when it was released. Within 2 days I had 250 unique IPs that had visited the site already!

The site is a place to pull together all of those Chuck Norris Facts such as:

If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can’t see Chuck Norris, you may be only seconds away from death.

and of course:

Chuck Norris uses a night light. Not because Chuck Norris is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris.

The site runs on user-submitted jokes that can then be ranked. It’s pretty exciting to watch the database grow! I used AJAX for the ratings (done in Roundhouse Kicks instead of Stars, of course), so that you can rate as many as are on one page without reloading. Unneeded page-loads would slow the flow of Chuck Norris to your brain!

It’s kind of pathetic that I spend countless hours writing web applications and really tricky algorithms all day, and I throw together one site as a joke in a few hours and it’s already growing more rapidly than any of my other site/programs in the past. Oh, well… I’m having fun with it!

(I’ve been hopped up on the Caffeine for a week now… I am seriously probably announcing another new site in the next day or two. Until then, go to ChuckNorrisIsGod.com and kick around a bit.)

New site – ConnorRocks.com !

For everyone who loved doItLater.com but wanted something a little more tame, bronchitis I made ConnorRocks.com!

For a while, my little brother Connor had been wanting to have free reign to explore doItLater after I showed him the Tokyo Opera singing eyeball cartoon. But he’s way too young to be poking around that site, so I told him that eventually I would make a kid-appropriate version. A couple of weeks later, I surprised him on Christmas with ConnorRocks.com :)

The content is geared to be acceptable to anyone that is his age or less, and as he gets older, the content automatically upgrades itself. He’s currently 8 by the way. You’d be surprised how much is still interesting that is okay for an 8 year old to see!

If you’re not a kid, this site has the obvious benefit of being the same interesting content but work-safe so you don’t have to worry about misclicking when doing on-the-job-procrastination!

CID Update

New design for CollegeInfoDesk.com.

The site works identically in Internet Explorer, case FireFox, Netscape, Opera, and Safari. It should run a bit faster now too (after your browser caches all the new images anyway).

Let me know what you think… I’m not digging for flattery, tell me what you really think – the only way to make it better is if I have honest feedback. Thanks!


Welp, erectile I released the beta today (technically “yesterday”). It’s going to be a closed beta though because there are several things that I want to finish up before releasing it publicly (hopefully I can get those done today). One of my beta-testers managed to find like 4 bugs in the first 15 minutes! Continue reading

Beta Test CID on 7/21/05!

The project that I’m working on all summer has started to crescendo again. Things have started moving again, information pills features are getting finished off, check and bugs are going away instead of piling up. I’ve had a fairly strict schedule (that had to be revised once due to social obligations) and it appears that it actually might get finished by the date I’ve planned… therefore: I’m setting a date for a Beta Test.
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My thoughts on AJAX

I have been meaning to write something about my thoughts on AJAX, discount and I just had a dream about it last night, this so I thought I should really get it out of my head. (First off, to my defense: it’s not that weird that I dream about coding a lot, it’s the last thing I do before I go to sleep and that’s generally hours after the last time I had a normal conversation because I go to sleep and wake up late. I am not a freak! :P).

Now onto the AJAX:
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